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September 23, 2015 | Posted by Stephanie Reese

I wanted to thank you and SOAPS for helping Pepper (formerly Dottie) and our family find each other. She is doing great and really couldn’t be better. She and our son have especially bonded which surprised me. The best part of her day is when he comes home from school (and it’s totally mutual).

I am working with her obedience training and manners. I am proud to say that she now sits pretty and waits patiently at her food bowl until we tell her to “go get it” (even when it’s right in front of her and we have walked away).

When she first came, she was jumping at the bowl like crazy. I know that may be a bit harder when we do get another dog. Now if I can only get her to stop batting her paws at people for attention. My legs have quite a few scratches, lol! That will come with time I guess.

Anyway, we just love her and she is very happy. I can tell that she definitely misses having a canine companion though and we are considering a part-time doggie daycare arrangement for her. I keep forgetting to take some good pictures, but I have attached a few below.