Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society

Donations Always Appreciated!

Thank you to Pet Wellbeing for the recent generous donation of pet care products to our organization! If you’d like to learn more about donating to SOAPS, click here.

SOAPS 13th Annual “Spay-ghetti” Dinner a Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out on February 22nd for SOAPS’ 13th Annual “Spay-ghetti” Dinner. We had the biggest turnout ever, dishing out nearly 500 plates! A huge thank you goes to J&B’s Rare 2 Well Done for once again supplying the food. We couldn’t do it without our sponsors, those who purchase tickets, and the incredible SOAPS volunteers. Finding homes and saving lives is what we do! See more pictures here.

Meet Mia – A SOAPS Success Story

Mia was found in a ditch in Lyons, Georgia, unable to move due to injuries to her back legs. She was picked up by animal control, who contacted us to see if we could help. Initially we thought she would have to be put down, but a great rescue partner stepped up to get her help. After many doctor appointments and therapy sessions, Mia has found her forever family. SOAPS is finding home and saving lives. Read more of Mia’s story here.


The Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society (SOAPS) is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose goal is to promote animal welfare through education, care, and placement of stray or unwanted animals. Additionally, SOAPS advocates sterilization as a means of pet population control, offers community awareness of pet health and safety issues, and strives to encourage humane care of all animals in Toombs County and surrounding counties.

SOAPS saves lives! Adopt don’t shop! Click the button below to donate to SOAPS.

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