Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society

Finding Homes, Saving Lives


The Sweet Onion Animal Protection Society relies on the money generated through membership, donations, and fund raisers to underwrite its projects in the Toombs County area. The vast majority of funds is used to cover the cost of sterilizations. Pet owners can submit an application for assistance in having their cat or dog spayed/neutered. SOAPS believes that voluntary sterilization of pets is the surest way to reduce the number of unwanted animals in our community, and thus eliminate the need for euthanasia. Although SOAPS is fortunate to have the support of local veterinarians for this project, it is still a costly undertaking.

Additionally, SOAPS uses donations to support its educational programs at Vidalia, J.D. Dickerson and Robert Toombs Christian Academy, and to help other pet agencies during times of crisis. In the past, SOAPS has given to help animals displaced by hurricanes, to care for pets whose owners have been deployed to Iraq, and to purchase protective gear for canine police.

The Sweet Onion Animal Protections Society is a not for profit 501(c3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Visit our Facebook page to make a donation via PayPal, or donations can be made by mailing checks made out to SOAPS to P.O. Box 210 Vidalia, Georgia 30475