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Penny’s Story

June 23, 2014 | Posted by Stephanie Reese

In January, when a very sweet and adorable little pup wandered into our backyard, our first reaction was… we’ll wait this out and she’ll be go back home by morning. It seems God had other plans for all of us. When we woke up, there she was, curled up next to the fence with our dog, Rebel, on the other side. Alone and afraid, she seemed to hold on to the hope that this place was safe.

We spent the next week checking around to see if anyone was missing this loveable girl, but no one ever looked for her. She came and went, but stayed around our neighborhood. We reached out to SOAPS for help. Therisa, you guys were so helpful with her spay and shots. And, though we have our hands full with our other rescues, we decided we needed to give her a home.

peter n penny 2014 AT3b

So, after she had healed from her spay procedure, we were able to finally allow her to run in the big yard with Rebel. Unfortunately, within a couple of days, they decided to dig out of the fence… it seems she is a digger! Panic ensued, as Rebel had never been out of our yard. We searched night and day, contacted the animal shelters, the vets and you.

Therisa, as it turned out, it was your help that once again saved sweet Penny (her temp name was “Fig”, then). Thanks to you and Southeast Georgia Today’s website, we received a call that they had been seen and we were soon reunited!

Now, Penny has more exciting news… my son, Matt, has adopted her! He took her back to his home in NYC when he came to visit a couple of months ago. She seems to love life in the big city. She gets TONS of love and attention from Matt and his three roommates… and people she meets everywhere.

peter n penny 2014 AT2c

Penny truly is such a wonderful, entertaining, loving companion. She is so well behaved and has excelled at her on and off leash training. She does very well when meeting people and other dogs on the street… she is excellent all around and brings joy to all… making new friends wherever she goes

What Penny loves most is hiking! Yes, trekking around the city is fun, but the Appalachian Trail, and other surrounding trail systems, are super-duper fun!! Penny really enjoys being off leash and lives to make Matt happy… staying right on his heal, observing trail etiquette, carrying her own food and water, even sleeping in hammocks… she has such a sense of purpose and it’s all exciting!

Penny has brought us all so much joy. Words really cannot express how grateful we are to all of you at SOAPS for your part in Penny’s story. I know what you do is very hard… I hope that by sending this, it will reinforce how important it is… how worth it!!

matt n penny 2014 AT1d2

I’ve attached a few photos of Penny and Matt hiking the AT… even one of her sleeping in a hammock with Peter (one of her roommates).

Sorry that this got so long. I just wanted you, and others at SOAPS, to know how successful you are at what you do… and, what a difference it makes to the neglected and lost ones… as well as all of us animal-lovin’ humans!!


Many thanks and prayers for your continued success,