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Memorial Day Flight

May 27, 2015 | Posted by Stephanie Reese

Just wanted to share my first PNP flight experience.   I’m a longtime Army Aviator (34 years now) and purchased a Stinson 108 about a year ago.  My wife and I are both animal lovers and thought we would try to help with the Pilots N Paws flights.  I have been keeping track of the flight requests on the PNP website (very great tool BTW) and on Memorial Day I saw one that looked promising and would allow me to be introduced to flying these furry friends on a relatively short hop of about 110 miles.

I made contact with Thyra and she made all the arrangements to have someone pick both dogs up at the destination.  Within a couple hours I was at Vidalia, GA and Thyra was there waiting with both Tootsie and Country in hand. I can’t say enough good things about Thyra and all she is doing to help these dogs.  Just a wonderful lady.

We took a few pictures and loaded Country and Tootsie in the back, I had already removed the back seat before departing.  When I arrived at Aiken SC  I called the contact and within minutes she was there to pick both dogs up until there next leg could be arranged.  I sent the pictures from my phone to Thyra and within minutes she had already put several of them together in a flyer and sent back to me.  I’ve included this image as an attachment.

You have some outstanding volunteers out there doing the hard work.  Flying the dogs from point to point is the easy and fun part.  Keep up the fantastic work.



Rusty Nance, PNP Pilot

Stinson 108-2

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