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Jingle and Merry

January 27, 2015 | Posted by Stephanie Reese

This is a great story. These two guys were a last minute SOAPS pull before Christmas from Vidaila Animal Control. They got adopted together by a family from Long Island. Story below:

Hi, ya’ll!!, we got our miracle yesterday! We got our new family – TOGETHER – yes….we are livin’ together still – in this lovely place called Long Island, NY…isn’t this wonderful news? Our new family is sweeeeet! We got a human mom, dad, sister, and brother. We are sooooo happy and we know how “pawsomely” lucky we are! We got lots of pictures to show you; we hope you like ’em. PLUS…here’s a li’l video of us in our new home.

We’re gonna have to get used to all this white stuff. It sure is strange but fun. Hope we can learn to make snowdogs. THANK YOU for all you did for us! YOU MADE OUR MIRACLE”PAWSSIBLE” – we lub, lub, lub you all.
xoxoxoxo – Jingle and Merry