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September 17, 2014 | Posted by Stephanie Reese

FFANCY.BEFORE.9.17.14ancy was admitted to our hospital on 8/14/13 after being taken in by Marla Jernigan of SOAPS due to an owner surrendering her. She was found to have no fur coat except for the tip of her tail and a small patch located on her head between her eyes. Her skin was covered in scabs and crusting lesions that were draining pus and blood. A skin scrape exam revealed that Fancy has demodex mange. Skin cytology also showed a secondary bacterial and yeast infection. Fancy was also severely underweight and malnourished. She is approximately 3 months old and weighs only 10.9 pounds. Her teeth were discolored due to poor nutrition and hypovitaminosis.

Fancy also had intestinal parasites. She is receiving medication for her mange, and secondary skin infections daily.